Virtual Magnet Open House

Welcome to Columbus High School! Take your time and self-navigate through this Virtual Open House to discover more about our Liberal Arts Magnet Program.

Please note that students must reside in Muscogee County or on Ft. Benning to attend Columbus High School.

Columbus High School

Columbus High School is committed to providing the BEST public school education available. Our program emphasizes the skills and knowledge a student needs to have a solid foundation for entrance into college and career preparation programs. Using a generalist approach to education, the Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet has provided students with a broad range of academic, social, and physical education opportunities since 1991.  

We offer a wide variety of Social Studies courses which offer students the opportunity to explore history, government, and populations. Students who are interested in Science face an abundance of choices including Forensic Science, Anatomy, and AP options in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Our Math Department offers the most advanced courses available in a high school setting. The curriculum does not end with Advanced Placement math courses. Advanced math students can take Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations. At CHS, World Language instruction aligns with the ACTFL  Proficiency targets including cultural and communicative education. 

Our school is lead by an awesome administrative team!  

Principal – Dr. Marvin Crumbs

Assistant Principal – Mrs. Michele Grier

Assistant Principal – Ms. Sonya Allen

Assistant Principal – Mr. Troy McGarr

We hope you will start your Virtual Open House experience with our administrative message. Then, move through the video links and other information on our website as you explore our programs.  

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to Zoom Q&A sessions.

Thank you for your interest in CHS!

Virtual Open House information

You should follow the links in this page for more information about our program. 

Additionally, there are several opportunities for you to ask questions in zoom sessions hosted by members of our faculty. There are 4 sessions for general questions with Ms. Hood 2 are in the evening and 2 at midday to accommodate different schedules. You can find the times for different zoom sessions using the Zoom Sessions button below. 

If there is a program that interests you, feel free to reach out to that sponsor or coach. 

Enjoy your exploration of the CHS Program!

Featured Programs

Research & Resources

Two featured resources for students at CHS are our Media Center and 3D Lab.  

Dr. Kimberly Scott offers students support to develop their skills beyond the walls of the Media Center.  Whether a student is working on a science fair project, research paper, podcast, or presentation, Dr. Scott can help them find resources and reference materials to inform their work. 

The third floor computer lab has been transformed. Now teachers and students can use these specialized computers to explore science in 3 dimensions. 

Global Education

At CHS, we hope to enhance our students’ education through developing their understanding of the world and broadening their experiences. To that end, we have developed a partnership with EFtours to offer annual Dream Trips. These trips are chosen to emphasize world cultural awareness and foster student confidence.  Trips fall into four thematic types. 

  • World Leadership Summit
  • Service & Learning
  • Language Immersion
  • General Education

The teachers who lead tours work with EF specialists to select and customize itineraries to meet learning targets. 

Diplomas & Seals

There are two specialized diploma seals students at CHS can work toward. 

The AP Capstone Diploma requires completion of both the AP Seminar and AP Research courses.  Tenth grade students apply for the Capstone sequence for their eleventh and twelfth grade years.  In eleventh grade, they work in groups to explore current, real-world problem-solving using data and research. In twelfth grade, students conduct independent research projects and produce papers which report their findings. 

The Seal of Bi-Literacy is offered by the Georgia Department of Education in cooperation with the American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages(ACTFL). Students can prove their language proficiency through Advanced Placement tests in courses offered at CHS or through ACTFL certified tests administered by Language Testing International.  Native and Heritage language users can be assessed in a wide array of languages including Croatian, Korean, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Telugu, Tagalog, Hindi, Gujarati, Bangala, and more!


We hope that every student finds the spark which ignites their interest through the variety of classes and extra-curricular organizations on our campus. To help you, we would like to share some of the programs we have to offer. In some special interest areas, we have teachers who will be hosting additional Magnet Q & A Zoom sessions.  Feel free to join these meetings and or contact the sponsors with your questions.

Please take this opportunity to explore your interests using the navigation buttons below.

Zoom Schedule: 

General Information

November 16th 6PM-

November 18th 6PM-

December 7th Noon-

December 9th Noon-

Special interests meetings November 16th and 18th 

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