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Mathematics is a rigorous and demanding intellectual pursuit. It is also interesting, exciting and challenging. People like its clarity and the satisfaction of knowing when you have the right answer to a problem.

If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.

Galileo Galilei

Mathematics can be found in just about any field if you look closely enough—whether biology, computer science, economics, or political science. Even beyond math’s practical applications in the professional realm, there are a bevy of benefits which are seldom considered:

  • Learning math is good for your brain. Research out of Stanford University indicates that children who know math are able to recruit certain brain regions more reliably, and have greater gray matter volume in those regions, than those who perform more poorly in math. The brain regions involved in higher math skills in high-performing children were associated with various cognitive tasks involving visual attention and decision-making.
  • Math helps us have better problem-solving skills.Mathematics improves our real life problem solving capabilities. Though it may appear far fetched to think that solving word problems can help you solve a problem in your life, the skills that you use in framing the problem, identifying the knowns and unknowns, and taking steps to solve the problem can be a very important strategy that can be applied to other problems in life.
  • Math is used in practically every career in some way.Strong numeracy skills distinguish successful business executives, managers, health care professionals, engineers, architects, scientists, real estate agents, sales professionals, financial analysts, and policy makers from the rest. Professionals in every field know that key decisions often depend on a thorough weighing of costs and benefits, accurate projections of likely outcomes, and the ability to interpret correctly the complex numerical relationships represented in tables, charts, graphs, blueprints, or diagrams.

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