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#2 HS in Georgia 

#75 HS in the Nation


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$14,000,000 in scholarships for the Class of 2023

Admission to Stanford, Northwestern, Georgetown, Yale, US Service Academies, UGA, Georgia Tech, Princeton and MORE!

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We offer a wide variety of AP courses!

Our AP Capstone has produced published research papers! 

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The Application Process


Meet the Requirements

All students who attend Columbus High School must reside in Muscogee County or on Ft. Moore property. 

8th graders: Do you have 80 or higher average in all classes and no grade below 80 for any grading period? Good attendance and behavior records?


Transfer students: Do you have a 3.5+ unweighted GPA and no grade below 80 on your current school year grade report? Good attendance and behavior records?


If you meet these requirements, then apply to CHS!


Submit Your Application for the Upcoming School-year

You must submit your MCSD Magnet Application for the upcoming school-year online beginning in November and ending in March.


Families relocating to the Columbus area outside of the application window should contact the Magnet Office as soon as possible to begin the admissions process in advance of your arrival.   Contact the Magnet Director, Wendy Henderson, at Henderson.Wendy.N@muscogee.k12.ga.us.



Take the Next Step

8th graders:   Select an admissions test date via the online application portal.  The test is 3 hours long and consists of three portions: Math, English, and Essay.  You must receive a testing confirmation letter from the Magnet Office in order to participate in a testing session.

Transfer students:  Submit your most recent transcript and current school year grade report.  We will conduct a transcript evaluation based on the criteria outlined above AND determine if course completion aligns with our magnet program requirements.


Await Decision Day

Offer decisions will be sent to applicants via the online application portal on a designated date in February.

Students have one week to select which magnet school they want to attend based on the offers they receive.

Students who select CHS will receive a welcome message and admissions packet shortly after the online decision is confirmed. 

We look forward to helping you Be Your Best at CHS!

Things to know before applying

At Columbus High School, classes are designed to challenge each student intellectually while teaching time management strategies and other important soft skills. In addition to the advanced academic curriculum, students are encouraged to develop leadership abilities through extracurricular activities; physical fitness through athletic participation; community and cultural awareness through field trips and community service initiatives; and social skills by participating in planned social events. The Columbus High School Liberal Arts graduate is a well-rounded, young adult ready to excel in college and beyond.

Come join the Blue Devil family and ‘BE YOUR BEST AT CHS!‘  


8th Grade Students 

·        80 or higher average in all classes

·        Grade of 80 or higher in all classes for any previous grading period

·        Maintain good attendance and behavior records

Transfer Students (currently in high school)

·        3.5+ unweighted GPA

·        Grade of 80 or higher in all classes for any current or previous grading period

·        Maintain good attendance and behavior records

When to Test?

Testing dates will vary from year to year. Testing begins at 8:00am and lasts until 12:00pm on our school campus. The testing dates for 2023-2024 admissions are:

Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024