World Languages

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German Writer

At Columbus High, we offer three World Languages.  Students must take three courses in their language to meet our graduation requirements. Not only does learning a new language open communication doors for students, but the process of language learning allows students to develop different ways of thinking and analyzing information.  Students with proficiency in more than one language show their adaptability and flexibility to potential employers.  Who knows? Language learning in high school might ignite the flame for cultural, historical, scientific, or creative thinking in the future!

In addition to the French, Latin, and Spanish courses we offer on campus, we also offer students who are native and heritage speakers of other languages the opportunity to document their proficiency and earn the GADOE Seal of Biliteracy.  We have participated in this program since 2019 with a total of 16 students earning this distinction in 10 languages including Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Croatian, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Latin!

  • Reading: The ability to read another language can dramatically change how you experience the world, whether its abroad or at home!
  • Writing: By learning to write another language, you enhance your understanding of language structure and nuance.
  • Speaking: Speaking another language with all the attendant vocabulary, sounds, and inflections helps you consider your first language with more care. Plus, you will be able to purchase food from a street vendor in Paris or San Pedro!
  • Listening: The ability to listen and understand what you hear is often the best tool you have for communication. Get out there and listen!

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