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In the long run, a people is known, not by its statements or its statistics, but by the stories it tells.

Flannery O’ConnorGeorgian Novelist

The study of literature cultivates innovation and precision, unsettles the familiar, and attunes you to culture’s relation to justice. In short, English is indispensable to any education. While engaging with Columbus High School’s English department, here are 5 of the skills you can expect to acquire: 

  • Learn to read. Written texts are marvels of subtlety that contain far more than “information.” They can reveal — and conceal — meaning in ways you might never suspect until you learn the skill we call “close reading.”
  • Learn to write — coherently, persuasively, grammatically, and lyrically. Writing is a universally valuable skill that surprisingly few people possess, so it is in great demand.
  • Learn to speak. Develop confidence in expressing arguments orally, thinking on your feet, and defending your views tactfully and skillfully against opposing positions. Future lawyers, take note.
  • Develop empathy and insight into the minds of people different from yourself. There is no better way to do this than by studying fiction, drama, poetry, and other literary works. This is one reason that medical schools often seek humanities majors.

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