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Congrats to CHS alum Pranam Chatterjee, He is now Dr.Chatterjee

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Best in Show

Congratulations to Phillip Walker for winning Best in Show last night at the Hughston Foundation Art Gala.  We have several wonderful entries form the other students pictured as well. Very proud of these students!

Debate Team Scores Big

Columbus High competed at Warner Robins HS with 67 members of the speech and debate program. We are pleased to share that the team earned 14 qualifying bids to the Varsity State Championship among numerous other awards – and the collective efforts of all 67 students resulted in our Overall Sweepstakes award for best-performing team in all events. (This is our second overall sweepstakes award of the season.)

Individual students who earned awards and recognition are listed below, as well as a group picture. Students who qualified to the State Championship are marked with an *.

Program Oral Interpretation  –  2nd Place – Saphira Etienne

Original Oratory  –  1st Place – Nadia Jenkins*,  3rd Place – Neha Nakirikanti* and 

5th Place – Uchechi Onukwue*

Informative Speaking  –  2nd Place – Raga Yarlagadda*,  4th Place – Uchechi Onukwue

Impromptu Speaking

1st Place – Nadia Jenkins* –  Nadia swept the event, earning the top rank in each of her four preliminary rounds. Impromptu was the largest speaking event at the tournament, and Nadia ranked first out of nearly 40 students.


Extemporaneous Speaking –  5th Place – Sydney Godwin*

Dramatic Interpretation –  3rd Place – HoneyRose Smith

Varsity Public Forum

1st Place Champion (undefeated) – Noor Abdallah*/Jaewon Lee*

3rd Place Tie – Owen Anderson*/Jonathan Marto* and John Cady*/Yuchan Cho*

5th Place Tie – Nandini Shukla/Sarika Rahman and Vinh Legros/Ajay Pathakamuri

1st Place Individual Speaker – Noor Abdallah

2nd Place Individual Speaker – Sarika Rahman

3rd Place Individual Speaker – Yuchan Cho

8th Place Individual Speaker – Jonathan Marto

9th Place Individual Speaker – Jordyn Howard

Novice Public Forum

We had three teams finish as Quarterfinalists (Tied for 5th Place):

Kunal Ansingkar/Kaya Basnet, Michael Marola/Noah Yoon, Ruthvij Reddi/Daniel So

3rd Place Individual Speaker – Daniel So

4th Place Individual Speaker – Kaya Basnet

9th Place Individual Speaker – Nila Karunakaran

10th Place Individual Speaker – Justin Lee


Varsity Lincoln Douglas

Co-Champion: Katelynn Harp*

3rd Place Overall: Eva Cheraisi*

1st Place Individual Speaker – Katelynn Harp

4th Place Individual Speaker – Eva Cheraisi


Novice Lincoln Douglas

We are SO proud of our Novice Lincoln Douglas debaters. At the end of the tournament, we had FOUR undefeated students in an unbreakable tie to CO-CHAMPION the event. In fact, the top 6 competitors were all from CHS!

Co-Champion: Kelly Tran

Co-Champion: Emma McClure

Co-Champion: Charlotte Young

Co-Champion: Jennie Lee

5th Place: Anika Sridhar

6th Place: Sampan Bhattacharyya

1st Place Individual Speaker: Kelly Tran

2nd Place Individual Speaker: Anika Sridhar

5th Place Individual Speaker: Emma McClure

6th Place Individual Speaker: Charlotte Young

7th Place Individual Speaker: Jennie Lee


CHS wins 1st place

Please join me in congratulating the CHS math team for varsity’s 1st place and JV’s 3rd place win for the southern division of Luella High School’s math tournament on Saturday. Individual winners are listed on the picture below, and we had a clean sweep for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place top scorers (Sohan Shankar, Sean Aoki, and Aryan Patel, respectively). 


CHS wins 1st place at regional chess tournament.

Congratulate the following students

Dylan Jarvis

Andrew and Peter Jung 

Elvin Ebby

Nayeeb Mohammed

Sun and Jin Lee

Congratulations to your students, tenth-graders Alexis Hearn and Tanner Nelson for being accepted in the State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.

Debate scores big in Birmingham

30 of our newest speech & debate team members plus 10 of our veteran competitors traveled to Birmingham to compete in the Vestavia Hills HS Novice Tournament, reserved for students competing in their first year in a given event type (speech or debate). Our varsity students served as peer mentors and student judges at this event to help their younger teammates grow and develop as competitors. We’re pleased to report that our students placed in every event we entered, with the following students earning individual recognition and honors at the tournament:


Lincoln Douglas Debate

Cassidy Fine – 2nd Place Individual Speaker (Cassidy decided to learn debate last week…on Thursday…two days before the tournament…so this is an exceptional achievement.)

Sara MacGibbon – 10th Place Individual Speaker


Public Forum Debate

Ruthvij Reddi & Daniel So – 8th Place Overall

Kaya Basnet – 1st Place Individual Speaker. Kaya ranked first out of 140 individual students!


Dramatic Interpretation

4th Place – Lauren Baker

5th Place – Lexi Sherrer

6th Place – HoneyRose Smith


Extemporaneous Speaking

2nd Place – Ayaan Sharma

4th Place – Emma Schweizer

6th Place – Nila Karunakaran

10th Place – May Birch


Impromptu Speaking

7th Place – Ayaan Sharma

8th Place – Lexi Sherrer


Original Oratory

9th Place – Debra Jones


Program Oral Interpretation

4th – Saphira Etienne