Visual Arts/Comprehensive III

Instructor: Gretchen Brand

Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Visual Arts/Comprehensive II

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Enhances level-two skills in art history, art criticism, aesthetic judgment and studio production. Provides practice in applying design elements and principles of design. Provides focus on different two- and three-dimensional art media and processes and master artworks. Stresses idea development through production and creativity and through the study of master artists. Designed to teach the serious art student methods of selection and organization of work produced that reflect the student’s ability and versatility in different disciplines using various media. With a portfolio, students have the advantage of presenting their work for possible scholarships and/or admission to an art school or college or simply to see the progress in the course by keeping the work together and organized. This course is recommended for those who plan to take A P Studio Art to determine if the student has the quantity and quality of work that is necessary for a successful portfolio.