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Community Service

“To whom much is given, much is required.”  By being involved in community service, students are introduced to the various needs, resources, and opportunities within the community.  In addition, community involvement opens up possibilities for career interests and helps build a resume for summer work, scholarships, and award applications. 

Expectations for students:  Student expectations are outlined in detail in the Community Service Booklet. Students must register on-line for a term and an agency.  Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors register in the spring.  Incoming freshmen register in the fall.  Failure to register on-line results in a 30% reduction in the student’s grade for the community service assignment, which is a part of the social studies class.    Students are expected to complete 20 hours of service per year with one specific non-profit organization.  If a student’s procrastination or misbehavior results in a need to change agencies or terms, a 30% grade reduction is assessed on the community service grade. 

2013-14 Community Service Online Registration

is now closed.

Summer 2013 Orientation Dates

Community Service Log Sheet

Expectations for Community Service Tri-Board (Freshmen)

Expectations for Community Service Reflective Paper (Sophomores)

Expectations for Community Service PowerPoint (Juniors)

Expectations for Community Service (Seniors)

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