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  Community Service


“To whom much is given, much is required.” By being involved in community service, students are introduced to the various needs, resources, and opportunities within our community. In addition, community involvement opens up possibilities for career interests and helps build a résumé for summer work, scholarships, and awards applications.


Expectations for Students


9th, 10th, and 11th grade: Students must register online for a term and an agency using the Community Service Booklet provided at school. Rising sophomores and juniors register in May. Incoming freshmen register in August. Failure to register online, changing agencies, or changing terms results in Detention Saturday School. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are expected to complete 20 hours of service per year with one specific non-profit organization. Students submit their community service log and evaluation form to their homeroom teacher on the designated due dates for each term.


12th grade: Seniors are not required to complete community service as they will obtain hours through their Senior Project or AP Research Project.


NOTE: If a student fails to complete their community service or receives a poor evaluation, it may constitute further disciplinary consequences or potential dismissal from our program.


2018-2019 Community Service Registration

Student Instructions


·       Read through the Community Service Booklet and select those agencies that appeal to you.  Whether you plan to complete your community service hours in the summer, fall, or spring, sign up now. All current 9th grade and 10th grade students who are returning to Columbus High School for the 2018-19 school year need to sign up for community service.

·       Note that some agencies have a minimum age limits: Columbus Museum, East Alabama Humane Society, Easter Seals, Habitat for Humanity, House of Heroes, Liberty Theatre, Preferred Care Hospice, Ronald McDonald House, and Springer Opera House.

·       Discuss your choice with your parents.  They must be able to provide transportation for you if necessary.  Your parents must sign the confirmation form, indicating that they approve your choice.  Do not sign your parent’s name.  If they call and say you cannot do your work because of transportation problems, the confirmation form will be shown to them indicating they approved of your agency and the transportation it would require!

·       You may begin to register online in the computer lab, media center, or at home between 4:00 PM Monday, April, 30th, 2018 and 8:00 AM Friday, May 4th, 2018.



o   To register, go to any browser and type: http://apps.muscogee.k12.ga.us/SignMeUp 

o   If you are logged on to a school device you will automatically be taken to the registration page once you click on the log-in button on the top right. If you are not using a school device, when you click on the log-in button you will need to enter your GTID number and password.

o   If you have trouble you might try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  Safari on iphones may not work.

o   Click the word “Events” (top right) or the “GO TO EVENT LIST” button.

o   You will be taken to the “Available Events” page.

o   Find the event (agency) where you want to volunteer, read the description carefully and click “Sign Me Up!” 


o   At the bottom of the page you will have the option of selecting a term if one is still available.


o   You will see the following confirmation and directions to “Print Permission Form.”


·       Return your confirmation form to your homeroom teacher by Friday, May 4th.  Failure to turn in the confirmation form on time will result in detention.  Failure to sign up or failure to complete community service hours on schedule will result in detention Saturday school, administrative disciplinary action, or potential dismissal from Columbus High School.

·       NOTE: Any and all DESIGN YOUR OWN community service proposals MUST BE PRE-APPROVED by Mrs. Boswell before you can sign up online. Get your proposal to the magnet office ASAP, so you can meet your May 4th deadline.  See page 42 in your booklet, ask your HR teacher, or come by the magnet office to get a DYO proposal form. 

·       There will be an agency orientation led by your agency facilitator.    Check the daily announcements slide show and the trifold board in front of the auditorium for orientation times.  Go to your FACILITATOR or the MAGNET OFFICE if you have questions.  

  • This is your job.  If you have any problems YOU should handle it.  Your parent SHOULD NOT CALL FOR YOU.  Steps for handling problems:

o   Go talk to your facilitator.

o   Go talk to Mrs. Boswell in the Magnet Office.

o   Do not have your parent call the agency. Your parents may call the magnet office if you have a major problem that requires their intervention.


  • Note that page 6of the Community Service Booklet has the due dates for completion of your community service hours.

o   Summer: Monday, August 20th, 2018

o   Fall: Monday, December 3rd, 2018


o   Spring: Monday, April 29th, 2019 


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Parental involvement at school remains important during the high school years. Involvement allows students to see that school and school programs are important to their parents. Parents learn about school beyond just their child’s coursework. Volunteering at the school also models community involvement for students and supports the school’s purpose of having a community service component in the Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet.

Parents may be involved by volunteering to work with the PTSA, Main Office, Guidance Office, Media Center, Magnet Fundraiser, School Beautification Committee, or many other school functions. 

Spirit Items may be purchased here

Parents may get involved by emailing the PTSA president at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by signing up at the PTSA Open House. 

PTSA Membership Form

Visit the PTSA website 



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(Click on the form you need to print.)

 Field Trip Summary Fees 2017-2018

Freshmen Payment Plan

Freshmen Permission Form

Sophomore Payment Plan

 Sophomore Permission Form

Junior Payment Plan

 Junior Permission Form

Senior Payment Plan

Senior Permission Form


Field Trip Permission Form


Community Service Log Sheet

Community Service Design Your Own Proposal


Senior Community Service


Academic Program Parent Permission Form(permission for extracurricular activities participation)

Vehicle Registration Form
Verification Letter
Senior Project Handbook (Class of 2016)

Beta Club Service Form       Membership Form                                          Service & Leadership Form  

                                          Service Hours


Admissions Application

Honor Code

on May. 25, 2018

The Importance of Integrity


Integrity is of the utmost importance at Columbus High School.  There is nothing more important than a person’s good character and reputation. Therefore, honesty is stressed in all aspects of student life at CHS.  Students are expected to be honest in academics; in other words, they do their own work and they do not cheat.  Students are expected to be truthful in their dealings with teachers and administrators.  Students are expected to follow through on their commitments, whether it is to community service or to social obligations.


Honor Code / Honor Council 

The Liberal Arts Magnet has an Honor Council both to preserve the integrity of the program and to ensure student success in the program.  Academic honesty is an essential element in a program that is committed to excellence.  Developing good work habits and personal integrity allows students to become productive citizens throughout their lives. 


Expectations for students:  Students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity at Columbus High School.  Students are expected to be committed to doing their own work, both in class and outside class.  For example, homework should not be copied.  Papers should be written by the student, not downloaded from the Internet.  Tests should be completed without “cheat sheets” or looking on another student’s paper.  Students are expected to live by the honor pledge which they write on each assignment:  “It is my word of honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment.”


Students who have a integrity infraction are referred to the Honor Council and the infraction is noted on the discipline tracker.

1. Graduates completing a College Prep (CP) Diploma must have a 3.0 GPA on a TRUE 4.0 scale. (The numerical GPA is no longer considered.)



2. The following scale will be used to convert numerical grades to a TRUE 4.0 scale:

    A = 4.0 (numeric grade of 90-100)

    B = 3.0 (numeric grade of 80-89)

    C = 2.0 (numeric grade of  70-79)

    F = 0 (numeric grade 69 or below)




 3. The grades for ALL attempted (passed and failed) academic courses will be    

     converted to a TRUE 4.0 scale for calculation of the HOPE GPA. The following

     academic courses will be counted in the HOPE GPA calculation:


ALL English courses with course numbers beginning with 23.

ALL Mathematics courses with course numbers beginning with 27.

ALL Science courses beginning with 26. and 40 plus Animal

   Sciences (02.X210) and Plant Sciences (02.X410).

ALL Social Studies courses beginning with 45.

ALL Foreign Language courses beginning with 60.-64. (College Prep

   diploma only).




4. Algebra I and other 8th grade courses that students received credit for in Middle

    School, will NOT be used to calculate the HOPE GPA.



 5. All grades that are weighted at the local high school level for honors, gifted,

     PreAP and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate will be stripped 

     of their weights by GSFC. Weighting of grades will become uniform across the

     State to calculate the HOPE GPA. However, local high schools can continue to

     add weights to grades in specific courses to calculate rank in class and

     determine honor graduates, valedictorian, and salutatorian.



 6. GSFC will add a 1.0 quality point weight to a TRUE 4.0 scale for Advanced

     Placement (AP) courses completed before June 15, 2006, up to a maximum

     grade of 4.0 (A’s are not weighted). GSFC will add a 0.5 quality point weight on a

     TRUE 4.0 scale for Advanced Placement (AP) completed June 15, 2006 or later,

     up to a maximum grade value of 4.0 (A’s are not weighted).


7. The final HOPE GPA on a 4.0 scale will not be rounded up.    
Modification of an original document prepared by Janice Baker, Department Head, Lowndes High School Guidance and Counseling Department    

For additional help with college planning, go to GAcollege411.