Community Service

on Aug. 16, 2017

  Community Service

****Spring Community Service ****  





“To whom much is given, much is required.” By being involved in community service, students are introduced to the various needs, resources, and opportunities within our community. In addition, community involvement opens up possibilities for career interests and helps build a résumé for summer work, scholarships, and awards applications.

Expectations for Students


9th, 10th, and 11th grade: Students must register online for a term and an agency using the Community Service Booklet provided at school. Rising sophomores and juniors register in the spring. Incoming freshmen register in the fall. Failure to register online, changing agencies, or changing terms results in Detention Saturday School. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are expected to complete 20 hours of service per year with one specific non-profit organization. Students submit their community service log and evaluation form to their homeroom teacher on the designated due dates for each semester.


12th grade: Seniors submit a community service proposal through their Humanities class with the approval of their coordinating Humanities teacher to be completed within the scope of the school year. Seniors complete a total of 10 community service hours within the school year in conjunction with their senior project.


NOTE: If a student fails to complete their community service or receives a poor evaluation, it may constitute further disciplinary consequences or grounds for dismissal from our program.


2017-2018 Community Service Registration Instructions



  • Read through the Community Service book and select those agencies that appeal to you.  Even if you plan to complete your community service hours in the fall or spring (or have already completed your summer community service), sign up now. All freshmen, transfer students, and students who missed last year’s window need to sign up for community service for this school year.

  • Note that some agencies have a minimum age limits: Columbus Museum, Doctor’s Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, Muscogee Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, and Springer Opera House.

  • We can no longer partner with PAWS Humane due to age requirements. If you have signed up for this agency, you will need to re-sign-up with a different agency for fall or spring semester.

  • Discuss your choice with your parents.  They must be able to provide transportation for you if necessary.  Your parents must sign the confirmation form, indicating that they approve your choice.  Do not sign your parent’s name.  If they call and say you cannot do your work because of transportation problems, the confirmation form will be shown to them indicating they approved of your agency and the transportation it would require!

  • You may begin to register online in the computer lab, media center, or at home between 4:00 PM Monday, August, 21st 2017 and 7:00 AM Friday, August 25th, 2017.




  • To register, go to any browser and type: 

  • If you are logged on to a school device you will automatically be taken to the registration page once you click on the log-in button on the top right. If you are not using a school device, when you click on the log-in button you will need to enter your GTID number and password.

  • If you have trouble you might try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  Safari on iphones may not work.


    • Click the word “Events” (top right) or the “GO TO EVENT LIST” button.

    • You will be taken to the “Available Events” page.

    • Find the event (agency) where you want to volunteer, read the description carefully and click “Sign Me Up!” 


    • At the bottom of the page you will have the option of selecting a term if one is still available.


    • You will see the following confirmation and directions to “Print Permission Form”


  • Return confirmation forms to your homeroom teacher by Friday, August 25th.  Failure to turn in the confirmation form on time will result in detention.  Failure to sign up or failure to complete community service hours on schedule will result in dismissal from Columbus High School.


  • There will be an agency orientation led by your agency facilitator.    Check the Columbus High website and out in front of the auditorium next week for orientation times.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR WORK YOU SHOULD GO TO THE MAGNET OFFICE OR YOUR FACILITATOR.  (This is so important. We can’t have 1200 students independently calling.)

  • This is your job.  If you have any problems YOU should handle it.  Your parent SHOULD NOT CALL FOR YOU.  Steps for handling problems:

    • Go talk to your facilitator.

    • Go talk to Mrs. Boswell in the Magnet Office.


    • DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARENT CALL THE AGENCY.  Your parents may call me if you have a major problem that requires their intervention.


  • Note that page 6of the Community Service book has the due dates for completion of your community service hours.

    • Summer: August 21st

    • Fall: December 4th

    • Spring: April 30th




on Aug. 03, 2017



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Yearbooks are now available for the discounted price of $65 until October 6th. Take advantage of this low price immediately…before it’s too late! Your student can bring cash or check (payable to CHS) to room 321 or order online.

Don’t forget to post your pictures to ReplayIt! We want to include your memories in the yearbook, and variety is the spice of life! Capture moments, action, traditions, events, accomplishments as well as your selfies!

Please feel free to email me any questions or concerns regarding yearbook using the address above. Email is the easiest and quickest way to communicate with me during the day.



Portraits: You have to select and record the 4 digit code for your formal and casual portraits and turn in to Ms. McCabe in room 321 in order to be included in the yearbook. Please print the 1st attached form to record your codes.

If you did not have Prestige take your casual portrait, please email me a pdf or jpeg copy to the address above. Please be sure to include a subject as follows: Sr. Casual--your name

Ads: Please print the 2nd attached form if you would like to purchase a senior ad for the yearbook. Details are included on the form. You can also purchase ads online.

Cap and Gown: Cap and gown portraits will no longer be taken on CHS' campus. LifeTouch will take those portraits in its studio if you wish to order and purchase them.