• 9th Grade Admission
    9th Grade Admission

    The Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet is designed to nurture the intellectual qualities necessary for success in college. 

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  • Student Selection
    Student Selection

    Admissions will begin after the first testing date and continue until the number of students accepted meets the maximum enrollment for Columbus High School. Following enrollment into the program, students must maintain a "C" average or better in each course.

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  • Upperclassmen Admission
    Upperclassmen Admission

    Upperclassmen admissions


    To qualify for admission after the ninth grade, students must have taken courses compatible with the magnet curriculum. They must also present the following:

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About Us

  • About Columbus High School

    The Columbus High School administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to developing minds, building leaders, and achieving excellence.  Since the beginning of the Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet in 1991, the CHS family has been committed to setting high standards and maintaining a tradition of hard work.

    Commitment to this kind of excellence takes a lot of hard work—on the part of students, parents, faculty, and administrators.  However, the hard work produces success and rewards.  The administration and faculty at CHS believe that students will rise to the standards set for them.  Every student is challenged to set and reach goals each year.  Students are expected to be committed to the rigorous curriculum of the Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet.

    However, we realize that education is more than just academics.  CHS students are known for being different—in a good way.  They are praised by tour guides on field trips and by visitors to the school.  This extraordinary student develops because parents are involved, students are self-motivated, and educators take the time to give instruction in appropriate behavior, active community involvement, and global awareness.


Integrity is of the utmost importance at Columbus High School.  There is nothing more important than a person’s good character and reputation. Therefore, honesty is stressed in all aspects of student life at CHS.


Guidance Services

Our mission is to develop and deliver an accountable comprehensive school counseling program that supports the mission of the school by providing counseling and guidance experiences that will enable each student to become a lifelong learner,