Honor Code

The Importance of Integrity


Integrity is of the utmost importance at Columbus High School.  There is nothing more important than a person’s good character and reputation. Therefore, honesty is stressed in all aspects of student life at CHS.  Students are expected to be honest in academics; in other words, they do their own work and they do not cheat.  Students are expected to be truthful in their dealings with teachers and administrators.  Students are expected to follow through on their commitments, whether it is to community service or to social obligations.


Honor Code / Honor Council 

The Liberal Arts Magnet has an Honor Council both to preserve the integrity of the program and to ensure student success in the program.  Academic honesty is an essential element in a program that is committed to excellence.  Developing good work habits and personal integrity allows students to become productive citizens throughout their lives. 


Expectations for students:  Students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity at Columbus High School.  Students are expected to be committed to doing their own work, both in class and outside class.  For example, homework should not be copied.  Papers should be written by the student, not downloaded from the Internet.  Tests should be completed without “cheat sheets” or looking on another student’s paper.  Students are expected to live by the honor pledge which they write on each assignment:  “It is my word of honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment.”


Students who have a integrity infraction are referred to the Honor Council and the infraction is noted on the discipline tracker.