The Institute of Athletic Health Care and Research, a non-profit organization affiliated with The Hughston Foundation, will be providing sports PRE-PARTICIPATION SCREENING EVALUATIONS (PPSEs) on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 at Northside High School. The evaluations will cost $10.00 per athlete. Five dollars from each exam will be placed into an account for that school’s athletic program to provide for athletic health care equipment and supplies.  All athletes MUST be dressed in shorts, t-shirts, socks, and tennis shoes. No long pants, blue jeans, or sandals.  If you wear glasses or contacts make sure to bring them with you for the vision exam.  Please report to the front of the school at least 15 minutes prior to your school’s assigned time.  

 Click Here for CHS Form


 8:00 AM                Northside      46V1GT

8:30 AM                Kendrick      TOFY68

9:00 AM                Carver          O31PM5

9:30 AM                Jordan          AMF46M

10:00 AM              Columbus    4DRRAF

10:30 AM              Spencer        LG695Y

11:00 AM              Shaw           1M3UCU

11:30 PM               Hardaway    495G71

12:00 PM               Central-PC   OY8XUP

12:30 PM               Calvary        JV8TTA

1:00 PM                 Muscogee Co. Rising 9th Graders          3KO9JR

1:30 PM                 No one admitted after 1:30 PM (est)



All  forms  must  be  completed  online  before  an  athlete  will  be  admitted  into  the  building.

1.     Go to:

2.     Click: “Do My Forms”.

3.     Enter your school’s code into the “Team Code” box and click “Go”.