Enhancing Instruction - Model Classrooms

Our Model Classroom Teachers are always finding new and creative ways to challenge our students! Whether it's creating a new masterpiece or dissecting a sheep heart, there is always something exciting going on in their classrooms.  Our Model Classroom Teachers include:
Storie Atkins, Kyle Phillips, Mikel Anna Hill, Karlyn McConnell, Amanda Hefner, Jeff Pearce, Will Ginn, Ron DiQuattro, Ken Broda, Mary Beth Hood, Reyvid Torres, Melinda Hull, and Danielle McCoy.



We define being a Model Classroom Teacher as a teacher who expands their reach beyond the classroom by sharing their expertise with colleagues and developing a strong school culture through peer support, collaboration, and trust. Fellow teachers are... always welcome to sit in on these classes to learn new ideas and strategies for their own classrooms.


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