The High School open with co-educational classes. Classes are held in the existing Boys School at 10th Street and 2nd Avenue.

The High School moved in the Bussey Home. (Now Woodall School site)

The first class graduates from Columbus High School. The class is composed of sixteen girls and two boys. Graduation exercises are held at the Springer Opera House.

A building is constructed to house the High School at 11th St and 4th Ave

Georgia high schools begin to be accredited by the University of Georgia. Oral tradition imaintains that CHS was "the first" or "one of the first" high schools in Georgia to be accredited. This fact has not been verified. Research is underway to verify the statement. 

The first COHISCAN, the CHS annual, was published. The name is derived from the following: COlumbus HIgh SChool ANnual.

Junior ROTC is added

Miss Edwinn Woods, a member of the 1892 CHS graduating class is appointed to the school board. Miss Wood is the first woman appointed to this board and serves for twenty years.

The "Blue Devil" nick name is the first applied by Gen. John J. Pershing in reference to spirited game play exhibited against Phillips High in Birmingham, Alabama. Previous to this time several nicknames had been used for the CHS sports teams. The "Orange Avalanche" is perhaps the best known.

A bond election is held to approve the purchase of land for and the building of a new high school. The bond passes "overwhelmingly."

Sixteen acres in Wildwood Park are selected as the site of the new high school. The site is selected by popular vote. Starrett & van Vleck of New York are chosen as designing architects with Hickman and Martin as local architects.

The cornerstone for the new building is set at 1700 Cherokee Avenue.

The dedication exercises for the building at 1700 Cherokee Avenue take place.

Home Economics is added to the curriculum.

Miss Annie Massey; the first female CHS High School principal, leads the school during the war years.

The building is expanded and additions are made.

Fire ravages the original section of the building.

Construction and renovations to the building are undertaken. Air conditioning is added at this time. Grades are split and classes held at two locations, Rosemont School and Columbus Junior High School.

Re-dedication ceremonies are held.

Centennial Celebration. Ceremonies are conducted including recognizing AFLAC as our Partner In Education.

The first year of the Liberal Arts Magnet program; entering freshman class included the first magnet students.

Alumni Wall constructed

The Commemorative Plaza is added to the school.

Renovations to the gym are undertaken and completed.

CHS Liberal Arts Magnet becomes a total magnet school.

Summer Renovation of CHS

Well known alumni of CHS include: Carson McCullars, author; Nunally Johnson, screenwriter; Sam Mitchell, pro basketball; Frank Thomas, pro baseball, MVP White Sox, Baseball Hall of Fame; Daniel Amos, Chairman and CEO AFLAC; James Blanchard, Former Chairman and CEO Synovus