Zoraida Reyes

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Zoraida Reyes

Exceptional Students

Fun fact: I am friendly easy  going and approachable. I enjoy teaching and helping my students accomplish and reach their goals with passion, confidence and trust in their abilities. Quote “Don’t put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today”.


I graduated from Inter-America University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelors in  Science of Education. Prior to coming to Columbus High School where I have been working for nearly 4 years with the Ready 4 Life program. I worked at Kendrick High School for 10 years , where I worked with students who had Pervasive Developmental Disorder ,and autism. I also documented behavioral issues that affect learning in the mainstream classroom, worked with students who may have had a combination of any other learning needs, assess student learning needs in the classroom, deploying strategies on a concrete basis as directed by the special education teacher and provide data for the support of accurate and effective Individual Education Plan.


  • BA, Science of Education,Inter-America University of Puerto Rico


  • Special Education