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Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German Writer

Learning a foreign language is perchance one of the most useful skills to have. With dramatic changes to communication pipelines in the past century, the ability to converse with people who do not share your native tongue has become increasingly important. Places of business, education, and even food eating have become global. In order to prepare for participation in the world, one must hone the ability to communicate.

  • Learn to read. The ability to read another language can dramatically change how you experience the world, wether its abroad or at home!
  • Learn to write. It is not enough to simply see the world around you. You have to affect it! by learning to write in another language, you further enchance your learning.
  • Learn to speak. Arguably one of the most important skills to have. Most communication happens in common place, like a store, a school, or even on the sidewalk! The ability to effectively communicate your intentions clearly is vital to success.
  • Develop empathy and insight into the minds of people different from yourself. Foreign language studies offers students a glimpse into a different culture. This could lead to a dream trip to a place of your imagination! Get out there and learn!

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