Student Spotlight: Henry Langbo

Each school year comes with its own challenges. New teachers, new classes, and new classmates are just a few things that every school year brings and while it’s already tough enough to adjust to a new school year, adjusting to a new school just adds to the burdens. Enter Henry Langbo. Hailing from Brentwood, Tennessee (just south of Nashville), Henry attended Brentwood High School.

Langbo is no stranger to academic challenges. His last school, Brentwood High, is hailed as the best school in the county, the fifth best school in the state, and 305th in the nation. Despite their similar standing with Columbus academically, Langbo considers CHS’ student body more competitive nature a shock. “My old school was way more laid back than this. Everyone here is way more motivated as a whole.”  Moving to Columbus may have been a tough transition, but his work ethic was already instilled. Henry is currently taking 6 AP courses. When I asked him about this decision, he faintly smiled and explained. “It’s manageable. I like the challenge. If I’m able to take courses like this, why not take the opportunity?”

Social challenges also come from transferring into a school senior year.  Henry reflects on his time at Brentwood fondly, citing his peers and his community when talking about what made his time in Tennessee great. “I had a lot of good friends. We always made sure to have a good time.”  Langbo and his friends even made a Big Time Rush tribute band for their friend that was moving at the time. “Huge Time Rush was our name,” he chuckled. “Our dancing and lip-syncing was very bad. It was fun though. A good experience with my friends.”  While he was definitely more involved at Brentwood, Langbo tries to get involved in CHS and has so far been successful at integrating into the Columbus High ecosystem. “I started doing debate and I’m even the treasurer of Young Republicans,” he proclaimed. “I thought it would be a little harder to integrate myself than it was. I appreciated that.” He told me that he appreciates how he still has time to indulge in his hobbie, that include listening to music and playing instruments, such as piano, drums, guitar, and bass guitar, which is his senior project.

Langbo also is prepared for what challenges could come after high school. “My dream school would have to be Notre Dame,” he told me when I asked about his aspirations for the future. “Law School is the goal. Hopefully, I finish my four year degree, get into a good graduate school and work towards a career.” He smiled as he spoke about his future in law. While prepared and optimistic, Henry is also open to change. “You never really know where your future’s gonna take you. You know?”

However you slice it, Henry Langbo is ready for whatever the world throws at him. With his academics in order and his socials in check, Henry Langbo is on his game. He claims he doesn’t know what the future holds, but I know the sky’s the limit.

Written by Michael Williams

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